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Praha: Social engagement service for families with children

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The mission of the service is to search, motivate and provide social assistance and counselling to families with children in an unfavourable social situation that threatens to exclude them from mainstream society (or already excludes them from the community). The purpose of the service is to help families with problems that they cannot overcome on their own and which harm the family environment and the child's development.

What is the aim of the service:

The main goal is to maintain or restore the family's functions in its natural environment. The minimum goal is to stop the deterioration of the family's adverse social situation. The optimal goal state is to improve the social skills, the standard of living and satisfaction of family members.

The principle that the child's interests and welfare are paramount to all other interests, including those of the parents, is respected in the provision of the service, without calling into question the primary responsibility of parents for their children.

The social activation service for families with children

The social activation service for families with children is implemented in the field and ambulatory forms.

The field form is provided on the territory of the capital city of Prague. Workers visit families at their homes at an agreed time, on working days from 9:30 to 18:30. If necessary, the offices of the workers can be used at the addresses listed below. An integral part of this is cooperation with institutions that focus on child care (OSPOD, OSP), accompaniment to offices, schools, doctors, etc.

It is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation in the office. 

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