Communication between School and Parents

Communication between School and Parents

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Teachers are experts at working with children and adolescents. Nevertheless, integral to their profession is communication with adults – their pupils’ parents. Due to the wide spectrum of parents and their dynamically changing approach to schools, which can make communication with them highly demanding for teachers, often involving emotionally charged situations. Communication with parents is crucial for a concerted school and family approach for the benefit of the children. And as an important factor for successful inclusion of all children in the education system, it is one of the pillars of inclusive education.

Communication oriented courses

We offer courses to educators where we work with techniques for effective and respectful communication and with the limits of one’s own emotions. We offer the course Parents – Unexpected Allies of the School which focuses on strengthening communication between the family and school, and the course The Principles of Harmless Communication and, if interested, we can provide individual consultations to schools.

Parents – Unexpected Allies of the School Handbook

In 2013 we published the methodological handbook Parents – Unexpected Allies of the School or How to Develop Partnership-Based Dialogue between School and Family. The publication focuses on what most frequently causes barriers to communication between parents and school and on how to remove them. It presents three principles for cooperation – partnership in upbringing, regular and transparent communication and involvement of parents. It contains practical tips for open cooperation between schools and families and shows what factors play a role in their communication together. In addition to practical tips on what to take into consideration during cooperation, it also addresses areas such as rules, transformation of the social values and culture of the school and also touches on mental hygiene for teachers.

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