Women Changing the World

Published: Aug 15, 2019 Reading time: 3 minutes
Women Changing the World
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Meet our female colleagues from 9 countries. For World Humanitarian Day (August 19th), they’re shooting authentic short videos about their work. 

Watch them and spend a day together with #WomenHumanitarians.

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is held every year on August 19th and pays tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service around the world. It also rallies support for people affected by international crises. This year, we celebrate #WomenHumanitarians who help those in need. Watch their stories and PLEASE SHARE!


Elena is a psychologist who has, for five years, supported people affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. She herself had to flee her home together with her family back in 2014 because of the war. She has since joined People in Need’s Protection team and continues supporting people suffering from the conflict in Donbas.


Veronika is our Czech colleague working in DR Congo. Virtually ride a motorbike with her, taste fufu and visit the village health center, where we help to prevent and cure child malnutrition.


Jahayma works in Butig, a place where the Battle of Marawi started in 2017. It was a five-month-long armed conflict against the militants affiliated with with so-called Islamic State. People in Need is facilitating interreligious dialogue here to prevent future conflicts.


Genet works for People in Need Ethiopia. Today, she is visiting victims of ethnic conflict in the Gedeo Zone to determine who qualifies for cash grants.

Many people have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in neighboring towns. After some time, most of them have returned back to their original homes to find nothing since their homes have been completely destroyed. People in Need Ethiopia helps these people.


Jenisha is going to the villages affected by floods in Nepal. The team is distributing aid to 250 households. People often get blankets, mosquito nets and water purifiers.


Rana is helping children living in camps for internally displaced people in the Idlib province of Syria. These children have not had a chance to go to school for 2 or 3 years. She is teaching them Arabic, English and Maths, and also providing them with psycho-social support.

Currently, there are 1.7 million children out of school in Idlib.


Lisha is working in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where almost 1 million Rohingya people who fled from Myanmar to escape persecution. She trains Rohingya volunteers who will teach others about protection against violence and discrimination.


Dara is our colleague from Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, who has dedicated her life to helping those affected by disaster, especially the yearly flood.

She is a part of the Disaster Risk Reduction Team. Early warning systems can help people to prepare for the floods and save their belongings. It can even save their lives.


Shwe Win Kyi started to work for our Child Protection Team in the Rakhine state of Myanmar seven months ago. She visits remote villages where the ethnic conflict is still ongoing. She helps to protect children against violence, since often they are the ones who suffer the most.

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