Become a Major Donor

Published: Apr 20, 2023 Reading time: 1 minute
Become a Major Donor
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Do you run or own a business or are you a private entity? Would you like to significantly contribute to a specific project? We have been cooperating with distinguished donors for many years and highly appreciate all who express trust in our work. Show your support with a strategical approach to donation.

Are you a private entity? We offer exclusive feedback to our supporters. We will provide you with information and photos related to the particular object of your donation. We will draft a gift covenant, which will allow you to substract the donated amount from your tax base.

Are you a business corporation deciding why to cooperate specifically with our organization? To our major partners, we offer extensive promotion in the media. The PIN organization and its projects are viewed particularly positively by the public. We believe that mutual partnership and connecting your name to the PIN organization will improve your image and attract you more customers.    

If the idea of becoming a significant donor interests you, we would be pleased to meet you in person and introduce the specific options for your contribution in detail.

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