Do you want to help refugees?

Published: Sep 6, 2015 Reading time: 2 minutes
Do you want to help refugees?

We are helping people directly in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. Our assistance is directed mainly to the poorest and most vulnerable people, including mothers without a partner, elderly people and the ill. In Serbia and Macedonia, we are providing assistance to those fleeing to Europe from war.

Assistance in the Balkans

Since September, we have been active in Serbia and Macedonia. "We will provide the most needy among refugees with water, food, psychosocial and legal assistance as well as information about risks, such as human trafficking gangs. We are focusing mainly on protecting women and children. We are working via a trusted partner organisation,"explains People in Need Coordinator Emanuela Macková.

For assistance we are using the humanitarian fund of the People in Need Club of Friends, to which you can contribute by sending a donation to bank account 445544/0300, IBAN: CZ09 0300 0000 0000 0044 5544. You can read more about our assistance to refugees in the Balkans HERE

Help people directly in Syria and Iraq

On a daily basis, we distribute food aid for more than 100,000 people, and we support more than two dozen schools.

Aid can be sent directly to the fund-raising account SOS Syria & Iraq 92329232/0300, IBAN: CZ17 0300 0000 0000 9232 9232You can read more about our assistance at

Assistance in Ukraine

The continuing armed conflict in Ukraine has displaced more than a million people.  We are providing the neediest of them with immediate humanitarian assistance, such as food, shelter and medicine. We are helping with the repair of destroyed homes and supplies for refugee centres.

Aid can be sent directly to the fund-raising account SOS Ukraine 93209320/0300, IBAN: CZ22 0300 0000 0000 9320 9320You can read more about your assistance at

Assistance to other organisations in the Czech Republic and transit countries

If you want to get involved in volunteer assistance or food collection, you can find out how by visiting

Note: The People in Need Foundation does not accept material gifts. It purchases food and other aid directly on site and by doing so saves on costs for transport and other logistics. Thank you for understanding.