#exiles2018: Six stories of pain from Nicaragua

Published: Jun 8, 2022 Reading time: 1 minute
#exiles2018: Six stories of pain from Nicaragua
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Since the outbreak of the 2018 protests in the face of the political crisis in Nicaragua, more than 94,700 Nicaraguans have requested asylum in their neighboring country, Costa Rica. 

Imagine leaving your home, your family, your country, and the uncertainty of not knowing what lies ahead. “Will I ever see my country again?”

Since April 18, 2018, the political persecution and repression of those that have spoken against the brutal regime of the authoritarian president Ortega-Murillo has not stopped. In 2021, the migration crisis deepened even further with anti-democratic processes and new human rights violations that revolve around the illegitimate reelection of the government.

Marcos, María Belén, Hanssel, Susana, Xaviera and Yasuri are just a few of the thousands of stories portrayed in #EXILES2018 -- in Spanish #Exilios2018 -- that have occurred as a result of exile.

Sergio Ramírez, a famous Nicaraguan writer, once said: “Tyrannies feel threatened by words, because they are the very self-expression of freedom” – The #Exilios2018 series seeks to convey a message of political struggle, resilience, and hope through the visibility of stories of Nicaraguan people who have had to leave their country to defend human rights which you can see on our YouTube channel.

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