Girls’ Club in Dumerso Primary School

Published: May 27, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Girls’ Club in Dumerso Primary School
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Girls’ clubs are conceived to provide young girls with the skills and knowledge they need to perform in equal and inclusive environments. Furthermore, they promote gender equality in schools and communities by increasing the self-esteem and confidence of the young girls who participate—this is achieved through systematic awareness and mobilisation activities.

In Ethiopia, our particular girls’ club collaborates closely with Dumerso Primary School and has its own dedicated space on the school grounds. The club teaches girls how to maintain personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle. The club also teaches such basics as the correct use of sanitary pads, and it provides a place for girls to rest during their periods.

Tesfanshe is the Girls’ Club leader at Dumerso Primary School.

Tesfanshe has been working at the girls’ club for several months. She said that by using various opportunities and organising an awareness-raising campaign, they could change society's attitude toward gender-based violence. They are also able to help girls maintain hygiene during the menstruation cycle. "My team and I used to meet twice a week to keep each other up to date on what went on in their classes and outside of school.” Tesfanshe added that: "We always received pads and supplies from People in Need, so the girls didn't worry about missing class. In addition to the pads, we have set up a bed in our office for them to rest. This means they can walk confidently into the room after napping."

The CHANGE project is a project funded by UK AID under the Leave No Girl Behind—Girls' Education Challenge which aims to improve access to education for the most marginalised girls in Gedeo, Afar, Borena, and South Wolo, in Ethiopia. This program initiates girls club activities in various primary schools, which specialise in forms of education taught outside of the classroom. Students acquire skills, leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence through extra-curricular activities. These activities help students improve their social skills, which will help them in their future careers.

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