Helping hand for Moldovan families hosting people from Ukraine

Published: Oct 25, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
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"With the money we receive, we can pay expenses for utilities – water, energy, and gas," says Irina, who is staying in the village of Rîșcani in northern Moldova, where she went with her family to seek shelter from Russia's war in Ukraine. Irina and her family have found a safe place in the home of some Moldovan relatives.   

Moldova is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but its people have some of the biggest hearts. Across the Republic of Moldova, already around 720,000 people have come from Ukraine, and more than 80,000 are staying in the country. Moldovans are not indifferent to people fleeing the war, and many families have decided to host refugees in their homes.

One of the Ukrainians who have found a second home in Moldova is Irina. She and her family left Ukraine and came to Rîșcani, where Irina has relatives. They are renovating the house and have left one part for Irina and her family. Because of the reconstruction, the house is freezing and wet; as the temperature drops, it won't be easy to heat the place. To the question of what they will do with the coming winter, Irina said: "We will live as normal people; what else can we do?"

Small country with a big heart

In Moldova, families hosting Ukrainians fleeing the war are receiving financial support to better balance everyday expenses as the number of people increases in the household. Paying gas and energy costs is more difficult than it used to be in previous years, and the energy crisis makes it even harder. "With the money we receive, we can pay expenses for utilities – water, energy, and gas," added Irina, who helps to manage the household.

With funding from Welthungerhilfe, a German independent aid agency and People in Need's partner from Alliance 2015, we can provide financial assistance to 992 Moldovan households hosting refugees from Ukraine. Families receive direct cash support; this is an efficient way to help people meet their essential needs, including food. 

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