I Am European: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century

Published: Apr 13, 2020 Reading time: 2 minutes
I Am European: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century
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Despite the strong attention paid to questions of migration and integration by the politicians, media and societies all over Europe, a deeper understanding of these issues is still lacking. According to the special Eurobarometer on integration of immigrants in the EU, only a minority (37%) of Europeans think that they are well-informed about immigration and integration-related matters. 

The project I Am European: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century is trying to raise this number, contribute to a better knowledge of facts and increase understanding of the context of these issues. The project was created by NGOs from 6 European countries (Estonia, Czech Republic, Finnland, Slovakia, Germany, Poland) who are experts on integration, education, human rights and awareness raising. The project wants to help creating a more inclusive and constructive approach towards migrants and refugees in Europe. The main tool of the project is awareness-raising among youth, supported by engaging young journalists, teachers and youth workers in creating space for balanced, fact-based and well-informed debate on migration.

The project engages youth in participating countries through a social media campaign accompanied by direct action content such as visual stories, simulations or virtual reality experiences. Another form of interaction with the youth are global education activities at festivals, camps, in their school, club etc. The participation in project activities raises their awareness about the complexity of global processes and reasons behind migration and encourages their critical thinking and active engagement in migration-related issues in their communities.

Young journalists and social media influencers have the chance to participate in national and international trainings and study trips, where they can gain knowledge and first-hand experiences related to migration and integration in different parts of the world. They can also apply for research scholarships.

Teachers and youth workers can make use of new methodological materials, ready-to-use lessons and interesting activities – as part of their teaching or outside of the classrom. In our online and offline courses, they can also improve their knowledge on migration issues and get tips how to discuss these with the youth.

Project implementation period: 2019-2022


• Estonia: Mondo (Project Lead)

• Czechia: People in Need

• Finnland: Vikes

• Germany: Migration Matters

• Poland: Center for Civic Education

• Slovakia: People in Need Slovakia

Coordinator (People in Need): Kristýna Brožová kristyna.brozova@clovekvtisni.cz 

The Project is funded by the European Union.

The EU is not responsible for the content any output of the project or for their use. Partners bear exclusive responsibility.

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