I feared prejudices, but I succeeded, says visually impaired Kosovar student

Published: Jan 15, 2016 Reading time: 2 minutes
I feared prejudices, but I succeeded, says visually impaired Kosovar student
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“I had to use an assistant for entrance exams and I was feared that they will not select me, because of prejudices,” tells Unik Ukshini from Ferizai in Kosovo. But he succeeded and now he attends third grade of Faculty of Arts at Prishtina University. He would like to become a composer and he already written few songs. “But they were commercial,” comments them humbly.  

Unik is former student of Peja School for Blind and he remembers all visits of teachers from Jan Deyl Conservatory from Prague. They return there to pass their experience and modern ways of teaching of visually impaired student for past three years. These visits are arranged by People in Need and funded by Czech Development Agency. The trainings were very beneficiary for all students and Unik feels pity that university teachers are not willing to attend them to learn how to help blind students and how to use Brail Script form of musical notation. “But it’s very important to make these trainings to continue,” he emphasizes.

Peja school supported me

He was interested in playing music from childhood, but because of living conditions he hasn’t been allowed to own instrument or get anyhow involved. But later Peja School supported him. His favorite singers are Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, phenomenal blind musician, who became world famous in 80ties of last century, while 90ties are Unik’s favorite era of pop music. Unik doesn’t have any close relatives and he can only turn to his uncle, also musician, who rented for him recording studio. This rent was fully used and Unik can proudly display the CD he recorded with his friend.  

As well as Stevie Wonder, Unik is focused on piano play and singing. Now he is developing his skills at university and enjoying his student life together with friends, who share dormitory with him at hall of residence. They welcomed him very well when they met for first time and they are still very helpful. In university were prejudices that blind students can’t handle difficult study, but thanks to Peja School and also Deyl Conservatory teachers, Unik has proven the opposite. University didn’t adopted necessary methodic for blind students yet, but at least because of his presence, prejudices are starting to dissolve.

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Author: Pavel Bělíček

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