Inclusive education

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Inclusive education
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In close coordination with our Social Integration Programmes, our primary focus is directed at supporting children whose lack of success in educational is to a considerable extent due to the socio-economic situation of their families (low level of education of the parents, home address in deprived areas with related issues such as unemployment, debt etc.). To ensure effective support of the education of such children, schools require methodological support and families require the help of educational social services. Another essential area of cooperation is with the social and healthcare sectors which together are meant to find solutions in the best interests of the child, thereby increasing the chances of success at school. 

We believe that these children and other children with different educational needs should be educated as far as possible together with other children in ordinary schools. This does not mean that we dispute the need for schools intended for pupils who, due health reasons, need extensive support, as long as this is in the best interests of the child. However in our opinion the segregation practice in the form of “Special Schools”, a hangover from the Communist regime that have remained unchanged for years in the free Czech Republic, is completely unacceptable. We believe that the enduring segregation mechanisms are a crucial problem of the Czech education system that have a negative effect on children and consequently on society as a whole.

We produce methodological materials and provide support to teachers and teaching assistants to enable them in encouraging children and their individual development. We are developing special methods such as Persona Dolls to enhance sensitivity when working with diverse people and the perception of the individuality of each person. We build bridges between the family and the school.   

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