INTERACTIVE story from Ukraine: "I entered the house, and my mother was wounded."

Published: Jul 20, 2022 Reading time: 1 minute
INTERACTIVE story from Ukraine:
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Valentina’s life changed significantly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. Fighting around the city of Avdiivka on the eastern Ukraine frontline intensified, and on the 16th of May, the war literally arrived on Valentina's doorstep. "There was shelling, and the house was damaged. I entered the house - my mother was wounded," Valentina recalls. Since the hospital in Avdiivka did not have water or electricity, they took her injured mom to the regional hospital in Selydove. She died the next day. Due to the shelling, Valentina was not even able to return to her hometown to bury her mother. Instead, she decided to stay in one of collective center for displaced people in Selydove.

Read and watch her interactive story:

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