One World in Schools Teaches Angolan Students to Think Critically

Published: Apr 25, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
One World in Schools Teaches Angolan Students to Think Critically
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With a good education and knowledge, you can think critically, raise important issues, and help develop your community. This is the goal of One World in Schools (OWIS), an alternative educational project already operating in 14 countries. Angola is the first African country where we introduced the project and started cooperation with local schools.

Angola has made real progress in improving access to education, but there is room for improvement. Angolan students often find lessons unattractive and struggle to retain what they have learnt. Low literacy and attendance are also persistent problems. 

In Mediateca José Eduardo dos Santos in Luanda, the OWIS project was launched this February. High school teachers, secondary school teachers, representatives of NGOs working with youth and members of local administration met and had the opportunity to share tips and do some networking. The event showed films and documentaries about critical thinking and youth engagement in issues that most affect them.

"We in the OWIS team are really very happy that teachers are so interested in this project and want to use the methodology in their schools," said Alfredo Zecas, the Project Manager and OWIS Advisor of People in Need.

Education and development not only for students

OWIS puts a strong emphasis on teacher training and professional development. Through workshops and training programs, teachers gain the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver quality education to their students. This benefits the students and helps build the capacity of local teachers and education systems. Within the OWIS project in Luanda, 24 teachers were trained to improve the learning process, organize film sessions, and lead discussions.

The methodology is innovative in that it brings together education and youth initiatives. Films, discussions, and learning activities can also attract young people and persuade them to become active citizens or promote interest in human rights, the environment, media literacy, and other topics focused on good governance

"We want this project to be accessible to more schools and to contribute immeasurable ways to the country's development and also to help improve the teaching and learning process," added Alfredo Zecas.  

By providing access to quality education and promoting civil society initiatives, OWIS is helping to build a better future for children in Angola. The OWIS approach in Angola is being implemented in three schools in the municipality of Viana and in Luanda, and the approach is also being implemented in Bié and Huambo Provinces.

Autor: Karolína Šugarová

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