Young people are the driving force for Angola's social, political and economic development

Published: Oct 28, 2022 Reading time: 1 minute
Y4C project, change of experiences between CSOs in Bié and Huila Angola.
© Foto: Edson Malongo

Ion Angola, engagement of young people in democratic processes and civic life is still limited. Together with AJOMA (Association of Young People for Angola)—a national youth-led and youth-focused civil society organisation (CSO)—we work to unleash the potential of youth-oriented CSOs as well as young people themselves so they can mobilise and educate their peers to ensure that government policies and programmes effectively address their needs.

The CSOs in Bié and Huíla provinces in Angola are supported under the Youth Organisations Incubator programme. They are grateful to participate in the Youth for Change project and say they are more organised and capable of contributing to the country's development. 

Samuel Vieira

Mario Hossi

The project is funded by the European Union. 

Autor: People in Need

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