People in Need Opened an Educational Center for Ukrainian Refugee and Vulnerable Children in Ocnița

Published: Jul 10, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
People in Need Opened an Educational Center for Ukrainian Refugee and Vulnerable Children in Ocnița
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In an effort to support Ukrainian refugee children and those from vulnerable local families, People in Need Moldova has opened an educational center in Ocnița, a city in the Northern part of the country. With funding from the European Union, the center aims to provide these children with a safe and nurturing environment where they can engage in educational and entertaining activities while integrating into the local community.

Upon stepping through the doors of the center, the children were greeted with books and interactive games. This diverse collection of resources will not only entertain the children but also contribute to their educational development.

The primary objective of the educational center is to offer Ukrainian refugee children, as well as those from the host communities, the opportunity to enjoy learning and recreational activities in a secure space. Qualified professionals, including a speech therapist, psychologist, and teacher, will supervise the activities, ensuring the children receive the support they need.

"We want every child to be satisfied with their experiences here, to feel protected, loved, and valued," said Anastasia Russu, employee of the center. "We are delighted to work with these children and offer them a wide range of services. With our team of professionals, we can provide the necessary support to help them thrive."

The center will be open from Monday to Friday, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, accommodating the children after school hours. It is located in the Community Centre opened by NRC under the same PLACE project and it is thoughtfully equipped with interactive and educational toys, a variety of books, and comfortable spaces for socializing and relaxation. This ensures that the children have access to a well-rounded learning environment that fosters both personal and educational growth.

The impact of such initiatives goes beyond immediate benefits. By integrating into the local community and receiving quality education and support, these children have a better chance of building a brighter future for themselves and contributing positively to society. It is through such collective efforts that we can create inclusive and supportive environments where every child has an opportunity to succeed.

As the center continues to grow and serve the children, it aims to inspire more communities and organizations to come forward to support similar initiatives. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these children, fostering a sense of hope, empowerment, and endless possibilities.

People in Need offers help to refugees within the PLACE project, designed to provide a safe space for all. The project is developed in consortium with Reach Initiative, People in Need Moldova, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) & ACTED Moldova and is possible thanks to the support of the European Union through EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid

Autor: Diana Scorpan

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