People in need to open new country programs for EU Aid Volunteers

Published: Nov 30, 2018 Reading time: 2 minutes
People in need to open new country programs for EU Aid Volunteers
© Foto: Lucie Součková

From December to mid-January, interested candidates will be able to apply for new positions under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. 

(Prague, December 3, 2018) - People in Need, with their partners from the Alliance2015 – Concern (Ireland) and Acted (France), has been given the opportunity to advertise jobs abroad to volunteers under the framework of their EU Aid Volunteers initiative. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to spend up to twelve months at one of eight foreign humanitarian and development missions of People in Need, where they will be involved in NGO activities in countries affected by conflict or natural disaster.

We invite you to join us and meet our colleagues and volunteers 8.1.2019 at 17.00 in Café Langhans. Check the Facebook event here and learn more. 

In addition to the missions in Angola, Myanmar, Georgia, Cambodia and the Philippines, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova have also been certified to host volunteers. Eight new volunteer positions will be posted by People in Need on December 5th for International Volunteer Day.

"We joined this European Union initiative three years ago to give young people who were interested in humanitarian contexts or development cooperation the opportunity to help in places where they really need it," says EU Aid Volunteers Coordinator, Petra Weissová of People in Need. "We often send people who are studying a certain subject and would like to get acquainted with it in practice. Some volunteers also have different motivation, come from the commercial sector, and want to try to apply their experience in the non-profit sphere. I have to say that we have very good experience with EU Aid Volunteers, as evidenced by the fact that several volunteers continue to work for us after the end of the program, even in senior positions, "says Weissová. 

Specific positions are available in the Career section of the People in Need website and on the European Commission website.

For more information read HERE.

Lucie Součková, RDD of People in Need, 
Petra Weissová, EU Aid Volunteers Coordinator, 
Autor: Monika Ticháčková, mediální koordinátorka

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