Protecting Education: A Glimpse into Recreative Educational Centres in Moldova

Published: Oct 2, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
Educational Centers
© Foto: Shushanik Nersesyan

Education is a fundamental human right that empowers individuals and societies; it fosters personal development, economic growth, and social progress. However, across the globe, countless children and adults face the devastating consequences of armed conflicts, violence, and attacks on education. In response to this alarming issue, and as the International Day to Protect Education from Attack (9 September) approaches, we talked with our colleagues in Moldova, where we established 3 educational centres serving over 300 Ukrainian and Moldovan children.  

One of those centres is in Căușeni; over 40 children receive formal and informal education here. Their learning is enriched through trained facilitators providing social skills and emotional management. There is also a 3D printer for producing small sculptures, and the children can engage in music, dances, and various entertaining activities. The centre has laptops to ensure displaced children can access education. They take online classes in their mother tongue and are supported in continuing their educational journeys. Furthermore, our psychologists are engaged in education to help children cope with the stress they face during times of war or other challenging situations.

Timur is in the first grade and just started learning the alphabet. He takes online classes, and Oksana, his facilitator, helps him stay connected and ensures that he completes his homework. Unfortunately, during our visit, his lesson was disrupted when a siren sounded in Ukraine on the other side of the video conference.

Oksana is from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk; she moved to Căușeni with her child in January 2022, while her husband stayed home. She was a music teacher in her hometown and is currently part of our team working with children in Moldova.

 Thanks to the generosity of donors and funding from People in Need, we ensure that education remains in the spotlight everywhere, especially in conflict-affected regions.

Autor: Shushanik Nersesyan 

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