Sima's Story: A Story of Education in Syria

Published: Apr 27, 2016 Reading time: 1 minute
Sima's Story: A Story of Education in Syria
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This is a short film by Sima, a young girl who attends a school supported by People in Need in Idlib, Syria. Her mother, a psycho-social support teacher in her school is filming her with a camera phone.

As you will see from the video, Sima is one of the lucky ones in Syria today. She is receiving an education that 2 million Syrian children are not. Many schools look nothing like hers, many without whiteboards, playgrounds and even desks.

Initially, with this film we set out to show a day in the life of a school child in Syria. While she was filming, a horrific attack on a complex of three schools in the village of Haas took place. Her school life changed and therefore so did this film. This film contains some harrowing footage from Haas.

This is the story of just one child, but attacks against children and education occur throughout the country and are committed by all parties to the conflict.

The children and teachers of Syria are humans not numbers. When you hear about an attack on a school in Syria, we want to ask you to think of Sima. Remember what Sima tells you in this video. Remember her hopes, her fears and her love for school.

The number of attacks on schools in Syria continues to rise but the deaths of children and teachers should not be counted and presented as statistics alone.

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