Social Inclusion and Protection

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Practicing Universality of Rights

Practicing Universality of RightsThis report is the collaborative effort of several organizations which advocate for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in south-eastern Europe. Its main focus is the extent to which the exclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities changed in the Western Balkan countries in the light of newly accepted human rights standards.

PIN (2012)

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Alternative Site Planning in Phnom Penh

Alternative Site Planning in Phnom PenhThis report focuses on alternative spatial planning in urban poor areas of Phnom Penh which have been in threat of eviction due to the proposed highway no. 5. In order to contribute towards avoiding re-location, it offers an on-site solution acceptable to the residents, local authorities and other stakeholders. 

PIN Cambodia (2014)

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Multiple Indicator Assessment of the Urban Poor

Multiple Indicator Assessment of the Urban PoorThis report provides evidence on the food security status, care practices and nutritional outcomes of children and pregnant / lactating women living in poor urban areas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its final chapter provides practical recommendations for specific solutions to improving their nutritional status. 

PIN Cambodia (2014)

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A Study of Poverty, Food Security and Resilience

This urban poverty study shows alarmingly high levels of poverty and food insecurity and low levels of resilience in the main Afghan cities. It contributes to PIN’s long-term work on reducing the poverty and vulnerability of people living in the urban areas of Afghanistan.

PIN-DRC Afghanistan (2014) 

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Evaluation of Village Baby Care program on the knowledge and practices of mothers in Kampong Chhnang Province

People in Need piloted an Interactive Voice Response mHealth program in Kampong Tralach Operational Health District, Kampong Chhnang Province in late 2013, called Village Baby Care (VBC). This project sent health education messages directly to the phones of new mothers within the first month of their child’s life. With success from this pilot, it was then aimed to expand this program into Kampong Chhnang Operational Health District from May-August 2014 in order to conduct an evaluation study of the service. The evaluation assessed the change in mothers’ knowledge, attitudes and practises regarding newborn care from 150 mothers after participating or not participating in mHealth.

(PIN Cambodia 2015)

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