"The best day in my working life was the day I spent working in my childhood village"🍃

Published: Aug 18, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
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Our team in Angola operates in the central provinces of Bié and Huambo. These provinces still feel the effects of the civil war. We also work in the drought-stricken provinces of Huíla and Namibe and in the poor suburbs of the capital Luanda.

In Angola, we focus primarily on supporting farming communities and households and providing access to drinking water and proper sanitation. As part of our projects, we also focus on malnutrition, proper nutrition, and the fight against infectious diarrhoea. We build toilets, clean the surroundings of villages, help ensure food stability for individual families, inform residents about diseases, and enhance prevention through the help of health assistants. 

One such assistant is Mauricio Kapenda, who previously worked for the Angolan Health Institute and has been working for People in Need since 2018.

Mauricio is conscientious in his work, and as a project assistant, he helps to ensure that our efforts benefit as many people as possible. Mauricio is in contact with local communities as part of his work, which is not always easy. Local residents must understand the course of the entire project, are familiar with all activities, and want to participate in the project themselves. Mauricio adds: "I am most happy when I see that the project is running smoothly and that the beneficiaries are satisfied."

"I didn't choose to work in a humanitarian organisation; this job chose me. I always wanted to help people.”

Mauricio is happy to work in a team full of experienced colleagues who share their experiences with him; thanks to this, he too can develop. "Today, I look at things on a global scale”. He adds when sharing his experience of working with People in Need.

Autor: Hwimma Rodrigues Mavinga

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