Kosovo: Good Governance

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Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development

Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development

At the beginning of 2020, PIN launched a new project in Kosovo and Serbia, in partnership with the Peaceful Change initiative, Gradjanske Inicijative, Peer Educators Network, and Aktiv, to ensure that residents in both places are better able to empathise with one another’s perspectives, play active civic roles in society, and celebrate diversity. PIN and its partners will carry out activities designed to enable non-majority communities in Serbia and Kosovo to more effectively advocate for the local-level services to which they are entitled, as well as to strengthen participatory approaches to local service delivery to enhance inclusivity and partnership between civil society and municipalities. To these ends, PIN and its partners will provide capacity-building for grassroots civil society organizations, engage young people in cross-community activities, conduct awareness-raising campaigns, and provide grants for local-level organizations and institutions to improve service delivery and inter-community cooperation.

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