Moldova: Good Governance

Through good governance projects, People in Need works to empower and inspire civil society to learn about and participate in local governance structures. The aim of such projects is that more members of the community can have their voices heard and their needs met. PIN encourages the creation of Local Action Groups in Moldova as a new format for cooperation and problem solving at the local level. 

Among other things, a Local Action Group comprising of active citizens, youth, public authorities, the private sector and civil society organisations, might for example work together to set the priorities for local development. 

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Ongoing aidORPast aid programmes

EU COVID-19 solidarity programme for the Eastern Partnership

EU COVID-19 solidarity programme for the Eastern Partnership

The aim of this project is to mitigate the adverse effects of COVID-19 and to contribute to longer-term socio-economic resilience of vulnerable groups in Eastern Europe. Under the implementation of People in Need (PIN), and in partnership with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and AFEW International (AFEW), the project aims to propose a set of interventions in several countries, including Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. 

PIN recognises the critical role local civil society organisations (CSOs) and independent media play in service delivery, community mobilisation, awareness raising, policy engagement, and advocacy for the protection of human rights and civic freedoms during and after the pandemic. We support the CSOs and other civic actors to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations by empowering them with services and access to accurate information. 

PIN capitalises on its in-depth field-level knowledge to support CSOs that focus on community-level initiatives, watchdog programmes, and local independent journalism. Our partners NHC and AFEW are specialised in activities to improve human rights protection for responsible persons in closed institutions and key populations at risk for public health concerns like HIV, TB, and viral hepatitis. PIN provides grant support to NGOs working with these beneficiaries and assists them in developing strengthened monitoring, reporting, advisory, agenda-setting, and advocacy work. 


Civil society actors as drivers of change in South Caucasus and Moldova

Civil society actors as drivers of change in South Caucasus and Moldova

This is a regional project, involving several countries from South Caucasus and Moldova, united by the common aim of supporting newly established civil society organisations, grassroots organisations and civic initiatives, or social and cultural movements in order to strengthen their role as trusted actors advancing the democratisation process. 


The project team has been working closely with selected civic initiatives to develop a strategy for each of them regarding their path and position in the society. The civic initiatives are taking part in trainings, coaching, mentoring, consultations, study visits, and fellowships. They establish and improve connections with their supporters and volunteers; and network with peers and partners in Armenia, Georgia or the Republic of Moldova and abroad. 


The selected civic initiatives have the opportunity to get support for research and building thematic expertise, as well as get involved in policy dialogue at local, national or international level. During their participation in the project, the newly established civil society organisations will find out if, why and how to engage with the private sector for potential cooperation, and will find effective, transparent and accountable ways to self-organize and manage resources. The project aims to ensure access to funding opportunities for the internal development of selected civic initiatives or for carrying out campaigns designed by them. 

Development of civil society and local self-governments

Development of civil society and local self-governments

People in Need has been supporting civic initiatives in the rural regions of Moldova. The latter strive to solve specific problems on a local level. The aim of the programme has been to help non-governmental organizations activate citizens and local authorities towards solving problems together at a local level. In selected regions, People in Need has organized trainings for local non-governmental organizations, showing them how to plan and carry out small projects. Thereafter, PIN has provided small grants through calls for proposals to organizations based on the quality of the selected projects. 
Over 30 non-governmental organizations from 20 districts in Moldova have been supported. Examples of local non-governmental organization projects supported include the opening of a canteen for abandoned elderly people, repair and opening of a playground for children, repair and equipping of a school canteen, support of a campaign against violence towards women and the support of a leisure time club integrating children with disabilities. 

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