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How we Work with the Media

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Why are we interested in how migrants are portrayed in the media? According to a 2015 Median survey, 40% of Czech people personally know a foreigner - most often someone of Slovak or Ukrainian nationality. But for everyone else, their image of migrants living in Czechia is primarily formed through media coverage. Therefore, the media have a great responsibility to portray foreigners accurately, as well as to portray the topic of migration through a factual and objective lens. However, establishing contact with foreigners and getting to know their stories and everyday struggles can be difficult both for ordinary people and journalists. Finding trustworthy experts and reliable sources of sources on these complicated issues can be a challenge. This is why we collaborate with journalists, as well as various media outlets to support the fair and balanced coverage of migration and foreigners. But how do we do that? 

We offer media outlets*:

  • information and data on migration and integration in Czechia, Europe, as well as abroad. 

  • tips about current topics of interest suitable for media coverage.

  • cooperation on TV productions in terms of the selection of relevant topics or special guests.

  • meetings and consultations on migration issues.

  • critique commentary on articles relating to the issues of migration and integration.

  • orchestrating personal contact with migrants, experts, and/or NGO representatives.

  • publications from People in Need's own analytical and research library.

  • the chance for journalists to study and conduct research trips abroad.

  • the training or re-training of editors on the issues of migration and integration.

We offer journalism students*:

  • the ability to take our semester-long course Journalist and Minor Topics at the Department of Journalism at Charles University where students can get acquainted with the topic of migration and various possible ways to approach it. 

  • the chance to hear from interesting guest speakers.

  • the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and hands-on knowledge by working in the field on study and research trips abroad.

Did any of our offers pique your interest? Have you got any questions related to migration, foreigners and/or integration? Feel free to contact us at for more information.

*the possibility of implementing any of the activities offered above depends on our current financial capacity and project fundraising. Upon agreement, it is also possible to fund selected activities privately.

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