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Why are we interested in the media image of migrants? According to a MEDIAN survey from 2015, only 40% of Czechs know a foreigner—most often Slovak or Ukrainian. All the others mainly form their opinions about ​​migrants living in the Czech Republic based on media coverage. Therefore, the media bears a great responsibility for displaying foreigners themselves, and the topic of migration in a balanced way that is close to reality. Not only for ordinary citizens but also for journalists, it is often difficult to speak with migrants and hear their stories, to understand the situations they are dealing with in everyday life, and to find trusted experts and sources of information on this complex subject. Which is why we cooperate with journalists and the media and support them in their intelligence work on migration and foreigners. 

 How do we do that? 

We offer Media*:

  • information and data about migration in the Czech Republic, Europe, and beyond
  • tips and actual topics
  • dramaturgical cooperation on programmes, help with choosing topics or guests
  • personal meeting and consultation on migration issues
  • statements, commentary, or articles on migration and integration
  • arranging contact with migrants, experts, or non-profit organization representatives
  • outputs from our own-analytical and research work
  • study and research trips for journalists in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • training for editors on migration and integration issues  

We offer students of journalism*:

  • The possibility to attend our semester course Journalist and Minority Topics: Media and Migration at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, where they can get acquainted with the topic and the possible ways of processing it, listen to interesting guests, and writing their own texts on immigration topics.
  • The possibility to participate in research and study trips where attempts are made to work with the topic directly in the field. 

Are you interested in some of our offers or do you have a question about migration, foreigners, and their integration? For more information contact us at: migrace@clovekvtisni.cz

* The possibility of implementing the offered activities depends on our current financial capacities, which depend on project fundraising. Upon agreement, it is possible to finance the selected activities as self-payers.

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