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Assistance for crime victims

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The essence of this kind of assistance is to provide legal information to crime victims. The service is accredited by the Ministry of Justice which proves the satisfactory level of expert capacity. The service is provided by a lawyer, free of charge. In addition to providing information, helping with paperwork (complaint, notice of appeal, compensation claim) is integral to the service and accompanying the victim to the police station or to court.

We focus on victims of crimes such as: assault and battery, failure to assist, fight, restraint of personal freedom, robbery, extortion, breach of inviolability of the home, slander, rape, soliciting, evasion of maintenance obligations, abuse, theft, fraud, usury, etc. The service is available to anyone who considers themselves to be a crime victim, unless proven otherwise, or unless it is a case of obvious abuse of victim status.

The goal of this assistance is to raise victims’ awareness about their rights and ways to successfully assert them and overall, minimise exposure to the risk of any secondary harm. Part of our mission is to assist the victim in returning to a normal way of life as it was before the crime occurred.

Main aims:

  • obtaining information about the victim’s rights according to Act No. 45/2013 Coll., information about the rights of the victim as the damaged party according to the penal code, information about the course of criminal proceedings and the role of the victim as the damaged party and witness in them;
  • obtaining support for compensation claims for non-material damage caused to the victim by the criminal act;
  • obtaining support for claiming other rights on the basis of status of the victim or damaged party particularly during the course of the criminal proceedings.

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