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Plzeň Region: Assistance for crime victims

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The basis of this kind of help is provision of legal information to crime victims. Apart from providing information, another important aspect of our support is assistance in drawing up documents (complaints, appeals, compensation claims), or accompanying the client to the police or court. 

The aim of our service is to raise crime victim’s awareness of their rights and opportunities of exercising them to the full, thereby trying to minimise exposure to potential secondary harm. Our goal is to help the victims to return to everyday life.

Services provided:

Help to victims of crime

Capacity: 10 people

Age: any

We focus on victims of crimes such as assault and battery, failure to assist, fight, restraint of personal freedom, robbery, extortion, breach of inviolability of the home, slander, rape, soliciting, evasion of maintenance obligations, abuse, theft, fraud, usury etc.

Address: Mikulášské nám. 17, 326 00 Plzeň

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