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People in Need has been operating in Bílina since July 2005 when we started providing field social work and social integration consultancy services in the town. Currently we provide social and educational services in Bílina and Hostovice. Most of our work takes place at our centre at no. 555 Teplická Road.

Supporting children and young people

We dedicate great part of our energy to children and young people. We organise a pre-school club for the youngest, where the children prepare for successful entry into primary education. We offer tutoring to children who had have already started their education and need help for various reasons. We also offer career guidance services for the older ones. Apart from this we run a low-threshold club for children and young people which not only offers a safe place for them to spend their free time, but it is a place for dealing with personal matters or doing their homework for school.

Supporting adults

The essence of our work is to support people who are trapped in a difficult social situation and cannot find their way out of it alone. In the course of individual consultations we provide assistance with finding accommodation, legal advice, communication with the authorities etc. During family consultations we concentrate on offering comprehensive services for families with children which can help them to deal with problems in relationships, difficult life situations and we can arrange leisure activities for them. In addition to this we offer debt advice where we attempt to help people escape the debt trap.

Our partners

By providing these services we try to deal with the problems covering the area of education, safety and prevention of sociopathological behaviour, debts, employment or housing. In addition to these services, our staff at the Bílina branch collaborate with all important bodies in the town which include town councillors and department heads, representatives of the official government employment agency (job centre), the head teachers and other employees of the schools in Bílina, the representatives of the Teplice Probation and Mediation Service and others. Our staff in Bílina participate in planning and strategic processes in the town which include for example community planning or Local Partnership.

The staff of the Bílina branch collaborated on several analyses and publications, for example Social Discrimination through the Magnifying Glass, (Un)invited Guests, and Analysis of Individual Approach of Teachers towards Children with Special Educational Needs for the Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sport.  

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