Individuální poradenství

Individual consultations

The mission of individual consultations is to find, motivate, help and support individuals, who have been in difficult social situations for long periods of time, in situations that have excluded them from the rest of society. The service is provided to individuals who do not have the abilities or resources to escape their situations by themselves. It shows them the way to identify their problems themselves, be capable to solve them themselves and orient themselves in their rights and obligations. 

We involve the client solving their situation as much as possible. Provision of financial resources or material support is not a part of the service. The service is free of charge, consultations usually take place in the individual’s household.

The main goals of the service are:

  • Providing information about possible solutions for their difficult situation. The client is informed of possible solutions, at the same time we explain the risks and hazards linked to his/her lifestyle.
  • Help with finding a solution to their situation. We offer consultation on areas such as: housing, debt, unemployment, social benefits, family issues, prosecution. We offer help and support with dealing with authorities, help with paperwork, recommendations and arranging other services.

  • Actively including the client in finding a solution. The worker incites the client to activity, they identify and share out tasks to do which lead to the fulfilment of purpose the consultations.We teach them to handle difficult situations themselves in the future. Our goal is to leave the client independent at the end of our service, to teach them the procedures and abilities, which they may use independently after the end of our cooperation.
  • To find other professional help. Another institution or organization frequently also participates on finding the solution.

We always immediately do what we can to stop their social situation deteriorating further. The desired goal is to improve the client’s social abilities, standard of living and satisfaction.

This service is aimed at adults who meet at least three of the criteria listed below:

  • Unsatisfactory or unstable housing
  • Long-term unemployment, low chance of employment in the market
  • Debts
  • Difficulties with raising and caring for children
  • Difficulties with maintaining the family budget
  • Social disadvantage because of prejudice
  • The absence of people in the family or its environment, who may help with the family’s situation
  • The household income is low, consisting mainly of social benefits and pensions
  • Socially pathological phenomena in the family (crime, addictions, …)
  • Lack of knowledge and skill for solving difficult situations (especially because of low level of or prematurely discontinued education)

Our main principals 

  • Confidentiality: personal information provided is strictly confidential, we do not pass on any information without the family’s knowledge and consent, the only exception is the obligation under law to report a crime. 
  • Voluntary involvement: we provide our services only if the individual wishes for it and only to an extent they choose, they may end the consultations at any time without stating a reason
  • Individual approach: We look for a solution according to the situation at hand; we respect the uniqueness of each individual
  • Empowerment: we lead the client towards participation in solving his/her situation according to his/her abilities and skills, and taking responsibility for his/her decisions.

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