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The aim of our low-threshold club V Kleci in Liberec is to support children and young people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. We help children and young people get through adolescence, which brings many life changes. These involve a desire to belong somewhere, to date someone, to make themselves heard, to find a suitable school and choose a profession. We are interested in what children and young people are going through, what situations they face and how they react in them. We do not want to leave them all alone in this.

We provide a place where they can spend their time, join in with group activities or come up with their own idea and put it into practice. We offer them a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. We aspire to make children and young people develop their skills and learn how to take full responsibility for themselves and others.

The club’s programme is adapted to suit the age of its visitors. We support children and young people in fulfilling their school obligations, we teach them new skills and habits which they can apply independently in the future. We try to act preventively, providing information that serves to reduce the risks linked to potentially dangerous ways of life. When necessary, we help overcome difficult life situations.

Services provided:

V Kleci 

low-threshold facility for children and youths 

Capacity: 10 - 15 children

Age: 10 -14 and 15 to 20 years old

Address: ul. Pionýrů 976, Liberec - Rochlice, 418 01

Opening hours: 

Mon - Thu: 1  – 3:30 pm (children 10 to 14 years old)

Mon - Thu: 4 – 6:30 pm (children 15 to 20 years old)

You will find all necessary information in our public commitment.


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