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At our branch in Liberec currently provides individual tutoring only. The service operates in Liberec and the Frýdlant area. Individual tutoring involves our volunteers visiting children in their own home once a week and helping them with anything they need. Our service focuses on children who have problems in school and do not receive sufficient support at home. This is usually due to their parents simply having a low level of education, often no more advanced than primary school level.

The aim of our service is not only to prevent the child from failing their year or to improve their grades. The other effects of our tutoring are important, such as increased interest in school, fewer absences and a more active approach in class.

Anyone over 15 years of age can volunteer. You do not have to be experienced, the only thing you need is to like working with children, be reliable and happy to invest 2 hours of your time every week. Apart from tutoring we also organize educational free-time activities, mainly during vacations, where volunteers are more than welcome to join us.

Services provided:

Individual tutoring

Capacity: depending on the number of volunteers

Age: 7 and over

Individual tutoring usually takes place in the child’s home. One parent always has to be present, which is one of the basic obligations that he or she must fulfil. The parent guarantees to maintain peace and quiet at home for tutoring and ideally should also be involved in the tutoring process.

Contact details:
Tereza Babcová, 602 323 597, tereza.babcova@clovekvtisni.cz

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