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Olomouc Region: Social engagement service for families with children

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The purpose of family consultation in Olomouc region is to find and help families with children in difficult life situations that result in their exclusion from society. This situation has a negative effect on the family environment and the children’s development. We try to motivate our clients and provide them with social assistance and consultation. The aim of the services we provide is to help families with issues they cannot deal with alone.

Our Social Activation Services for Families with Children form the core of the family consultation service. The primary aim of this social service is maintaining or renewing the functionality of the family in its natural environment. Primarily we takes steps to stop the deterioration of the family’s situation and afterwards we attempt to contribute to the improvement of social skills, living standards and general contentment of the family members. The service is aimed at families with children of school age and younger who find themselves in a situation that shows some of the traits listed below:

  • problems with upbringing and care for children,
  • effort to create conditions for the children’s return to the family,
  • difficulties with finances, maintaining the family budget and housekeeping,
  • issued connected with the children’s school attendance,
  • socio-pathological phenomena in the family (crime, addictions, …)

Services provided:

Social Activation Services for Families with Children

Capacity: up to 10 clients to 1 worker

Age: 18 and over

We provide our service in the client’s natural environment, mainly in their own homes. Our workers function in the Olomouc branch at the places listed below: Olomouc (the Olomouc territory and ORP and Uničov area), Prostějov (the town territory and the municipalities in the territory of the former Prostějov county), Přerov (the town territory - especially Kojetínská, Husova, Denisova, Škodova streets) and the Jesenice area. Our workers also provide our services at the branch offices, where our clients can contact them.

You will find all necessary information about our service in our public commitment.

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