Working in Relief and Development Department

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Working in Relief and Development Department
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The Relief and Development Department (RDD) of People in Need includes 22 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. In these countries, People in Need focuses on both humanitarian aid and development assistance. Humanitarian assistance deals with emergencies that require fast intervention and aims at saving people’s lives, mitigating suffering and helping victims of disasters to become self-sufficient. Development assistance aims at supporting people in their efforts to escape from poverty and continue to develop.

Most of our individual projects are managed by local employees who also occupy mid-level (and increasingly high-level) managerial positions in the financial, administrative and logistic sections. Local employees are an irreplaceable part of the team because of their knowledge of the local context and environment. This is why local employees account for up to 90 % of total employees participating in the country programmes.

All foreign country programmes are supported by the headquarters in Prague. The headquarters help them with managerial, informational, financial, personal, media, security, logistics, IT and legal support.

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People in Need works in several sectors:

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response 

Social Protection and Inclusion

Good Governance

Good Governance

Sustainable Livelihood and Environment

Resilience and Nutrition Security

Education and Skills Development

Jobs at Country Programmes include:

The Country Director supervises the administrative and financial functioning of the country programme. He or she is often responsible for security. 

• The Financial Manager manages finances and budgets, as well as donor regulations and legal framework.

The Logistician oversees operational and administrative issues, such as the provision of material and transportation. He or she also aids with IT support.

• The Head of Systems and Operations manages human resources, financial and logistic departments.

• The Programme Manager is in charge of specific programmes.

• The Head of Programmes coordinates programme portfolios and developments.

• Other positions include: Security Manager, Technical Advisors and others...

Jobs at the HQ in Prague include:

• The Desk Officer cooperates with the Country Manager about administrative and legal oversight of the programme.

• The Support Desk Officer helps the Desk Officer with administrative matters.

• The Finance Desk Officer partners with the Financial Manager.

•The Accountant helps the Financial Manager with accountancy and quality control.

• Support Departments include Logistics, HR, Compliance, Fundraising, Media and Communication. 

If you would like to apply for a position:

Review the currently open positions by clicking here.

• EU Aid Volunteers: You can find more information about the programme here.


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Plus: offices in the centre of Prague, the possibility to participate in great events hosted by various departments (film festivals, assessment centres, formal and informal parties) delicious fair trade coffee and tea, induction training and more...

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