Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in South Caucasus and Moldova

People in Need

People in Need is a non-governmental organization that emphasizes the mechanisms of civil society and inclusive governance to create an opportunity for civil society actors to develop skills and experience to carry out their activities more effectively.

Within the framework of the European Union-funded project "Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in South Caucasus and Moldova", People in Need in Armenia has supported newly created civil society organizations, civil initiatives, and social and cultural movements in becoming reliable actors for the advance of democratic processes—particularly in the areas of human rights, community development, and youth engagement, as well as education.

With the support of the project team and skilled consultants, each of the 14 CSOs participating in the project in Armenia has developed its own strategic plan, charting its path, role in society, and the systemic changes it aims to influence.The participants representing different regions of the Republic of Armenia had the opportunity to assess their organizational abilities and participate in tailored training programs, receive professional feedback and advice, coaching and mentoring, and participate in a study visit. These CSOs also strengthened ties with their communities, supporters, and volunteers; and partnered with colleagues and peers in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and the Czech Republic. Participating CSOs also received grants for strategic development and campaigns.

In Armenia, the project "Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in South Caucasus and Moldova" was implemented with the funding of the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project's budget in Armenia was the AMD equivalent of €387,608, of which €175,797 was allocated to campaign and operational grants.