Elen's Journey of Culinary Imagination

Published: Oct 25, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
Elen's Journey of Culinary Imagination
© Foto: Shushanik Nersesyan

Cooking is more than a mundane chore; it is a manifestation of our creativity, emotions, and the innate human need for nourishment․ This is what Elen kept in her mind when enrolled in a culinary training course provided by the Yeremyan Culinary Academy․ 

Elen participates in our 'Stable income through education and professional equipment' project; she also studies at the Armenian National Agrarian University, majoring in business and finance. Her workload does not hinder her from following her dreams. She applied to participate in our culinary training course because she wanted to learn more and become competent in this field. Upon completion of her studies, she started working as a chef.

Elen loves Armenian cuisine, and she loves to explore its peculiarities, though she mentions: "I like making "spas" (yoghurt soup) the most. I like it a lot, which probably explains why I make it so well." Elen's success comes from her strong work ethic, and willingness to put in the effort were fundamental.

"She was nervous, but I felt her desire to become a chef", states Chef Vardan Khachatryan. Desire is the primary prerequisite to go deep into this profession.

Chef Avetik Isakhanyan, another trainer on the course, confirms that "Elen’s desire played a huge role, and she worked hard so she could reach her goal”. 

In cooperation with Yerevan Municipality, we have launched this short-term project to help vulnerable people receive vocational education, business training, and professional equipment necessary to earn a steady livelihood.

Within the project, four individuals specialised in cooking, sewing, hairdressing, and nail care by participating in training courses. The duration of vocational training courses was based on the peculiarities and types of speciality. We also provided business workshops to complement training courses to motivate them and enhance their business skills. The project aims to create a stable income through permanent employment or business creation. 

Autor: Elma Vardanyan

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