Homo Homini Award 2022: Nominate your Hero
Every year, People in Need confers the Homo Homini award to individuals who have greatly contributed to the promotion of human rights and democracy and nonviolent solutions to political conflicts. 

Since 2021, nominations are open to the general public. As a result, not only organizations, but also individuals from all over the world may "nominate their heroes". Deadline for nominations is December 12, 2022.

                                 nominate your heros here

Since its establishment in 1994, Homo Homini has become one of the most prestigeous awards of its kind. Its purpose is to acknowledge all individuals and organizations for their efforts and help promote their cases in case they are persecuted.

The list of laureates includes famous names as well as relatively unknown individuals. Last   year’s laureate is Mahienour El-Massry, an Egyptian human rights lawyer known for her activism and work to promote judicial independence and prisoners' rights.

Watch the 2022 promotion spot:

Author: PIN

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