INSPIRED November 2019

In this issue of INSPIRED magazine we will discuss climate funding and its opportunities. We would like to provide you with a brief introduction to, and history of, climate finance, along with an overview of the environmental guidelines and requirements of the large institutional donors. In this issue you will find an interview with Mr. Peter Kalaš to learn more about the Green Climate Fund. You will learn how we’re addressing the urgent air pollution crisis in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, and how Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies are being used in Cambodia to enhance communities’ climate resilience.
We have also started a two-year project in Bosnia and Herzegovina aiming to make “Green Homes” and “Green Mortgages” more widely available to people. In Ethiopia, on the other hand, we promote a holistic Natural Resource Management (NRM) approach to allow communities to contribute to the rehabilitation and protection of their land and to enable sustainable development of their livelihoods. Together, we will peek into one of the projects of our Alliance2015 partner Hivos and explore how they are supporting rural households in Africa and Asia to access carbon finance.