Over 200,000 women in Angola are registered to receive life-saving messages

Published: Feb 3, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
Over 200,000 women in Angola are registered to receive life-saving messages
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People in Need (PIN) is working to reduce child and mother mortality in Angola through an innovative mobile health project. Pregnant women and mothers of small children receive voice messages by phone advising them about breastfeeding, childcare, nutrition, and medical treatment.

The PIN team frequently visits health units to register the telephone numbers of pregnant women and new parents as part of the programme. UNITEL Angola's mobile telecommunications company sends voice messages with guidance on good practices that expectant parents should know of during pregnancy, the importance of prenatal consultations, and the care to be taken with newborns.

Important guidance for expectant mothers

Teresa Victor is 21 years old and living with her parents in Cuito municipality, Bié province; she says the messages helped her have a safe delivery.

"The messages I received were very important because I wouldn't have information on what it is to be a mother and how to care for a baby without them. I am very happy, being a first-time mother, and I am learning a lot from the voice messages," she says. The mother of little Nayara spoke of how the messages helped her prevent problems and diseases in pregnancy and called other women to join the programme.

Teresa expressed her love for her daughter, and all the baby represents for her. 

"My baby is a great gift; she brought a lot of joy into my life," she said.

Aida Vasconcelos, 20 years old, started receiving the messages when she was eight months pregnant and explained what guidance she received.

"Thee messages advised how the pregnant woman should take care of herself and be taken care of, how and when to change the baby's nappies, and what to do if the baby is sick; we should look for a nearby hospital and not do traditional medication." For Aida, the messages help to reduce crowding in hospitals. 

"During pregnancy, the messages helped because sometimes you don't feel well enough to go to overcrowded hospitals," she concluded.

The Mobile Health project, funded by UNITEL, was developed by People in Need in Angola in 2015; it operates in the provinces of Bié, Huambo and Huíla.

Autor: Edson Malongo

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