People in Need establishes ‘SOS Lebanon’ fundraiser to help those affected by Beirut explosion

Published: Aug 6, 2020 Reading time: 2 minutes
People in Need establishes ‘SOS Lebanon’ fundraiser to help those affected by Beirut explosion
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In response to Tuesday's explosion in the capital of Lebanon, People in Need (PIN) has established the SOS Lebanon fundraiser to collect donations for the people of Beirut. Money from the fundraiser will be used to provide food, water, and medicine to victims. PIN staff on the ground will direct aid distribution and assess future needs.

Lenka Filípková, a PIN aid worker on site, says the situation remains chaotic. "Most of the people who lost homes in the blast now live with their relatives or in churches and hotels that have given them temporary refuge. There are also groups on social networks where people offer accommodation options. There is a huge wave of solidarity, and many people are helping to distribute water, food, and other essentials. To deepen the impact of our assistance we are coordinating with many other organizations."

“That said, rescue efforts are ongoing, people are still missing, and the number of victims will unfortunately continue to rise. Among other things, four hospitals have been destroyed and others are overloaded, so the injured are being transported outside Beirut."

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PIN’s ability to respond quickly to the Lebanese crisis is thanks to private funds from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On Thursday, PIN released 30,000 euro, and sent humanitarian workers to the country. In addition to PIN, the Czech government responded by sending a rescue team to Beirut. The SOS Lebanon fundraiser is intended to ensure that PIN’s support can continue long-term.

"After assessing the situation in Beirut, we decided to launch the SOS Lebanon fundraiser for those who want to contribute directly to Lebanon’s recovery efforts,” says Jan Mrkvička, director of PIN’s Relief and Development Department. “In cooperation with People in Need Slovakia, and in partnership with local organizations, we will provide essentials to ease the suffering of those affected by the explosion. If we collect enough funds, we will also help with reconstruction efforts."

Lebanon declared a state of emergency after the blast, which killed at least 157 people, injured 5,000, and displaced more than 300,000; the country has pleaded for international assistance in what will be a long recovery process. 


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