Read our Bulletin INSPIRED - Resilience

Published: Mar 2, 2018 Reading time: 1 minute
Read our Bulletin INSPIRED - Resilience
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Welcome to the second instalment of the People in Need bulletin, INSPIRED. In this issue, we will be exploring the concept of resilience building as a bridge between PIN’s humanitarian and development work. 

In all of the countries where the PIN Relief and Development Department is working, communities can face challenges in accessing services, engaging in productive livelihoods, or engaging in education. Barriers may be experienced due to exclusion and discrimination, under-resourced or weak governance, or remote locations. In addition, people are exposed to a range of

shocks and stresses that negatively affect individual and national development gains. These may be the large scale, sudden onset disasters that PIN responds to in countries like Philippines or Nepal. In many other cases, communities are exposed to compound pressures, including regular small scale hazards and long term stresses associated with climate change and demographic transitions.

Author: People in Need

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