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As part of our human rights related activities, we make a concerted effort to raise awareness in the Czech Republic and internationally about problems in authoritarian countries in order to gain public support for democratic movements in such countries. We organize international meetings and advocacy trips and invite representatives from the democratic opposition in these countries to visit the Czech Republic and elsewhere, for example Brussels or Geneva, for meetings with journalists, policymakers and civil society representatives. We also prepare campaigns, events and exhibitions for the general public in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Examples of advocacy activites include:

  • On a Wave of Repression: This campaign focuses on the increasing political repression in Azerbaijan. We prepared the exhibition Doubling Down on Repression: Stories from Azerbaijan’s Political Prisoners, as well as organising advocacy meetings at the international level. We also joined the Sport for Rights coalition, and, when the first European Games were about to start in Baku, we organised a happening in Prague to draw attention to the situation in Azerbaijan.
  • A news server that presents uncensored articles and videos by independent Cuban journalists and activists. A printed version is published twice a year.
  • How Can the World Help Cuban Civil Society? Six informational panels, including photographs, present ways in which it is possible to help Cuban society achieve fundamental freedoms and gain the necessary confidence within the context of having more open relations between Cuba and the democratic world.
  • # LETMYPEOPLEGO: We joined an international campaign focusing on Ukrainian citizens unjustly jailed in Russia. We also provided legal assistance to one of the prisoners, who was ultimately released.
  • Russian Propaganda: Peter Pomerantsev, a Russian media expert, accepted our invitation to come to Prague and participate in a debate about Russian propaganda. Working with other partners, we organised a discussion on this topic in the European Parliament and subsequently published a document about propaganda.
  • Day for Cuba: The event included a march and conference to support the Ladies in White movement in Cuba, which advocates for the release of political prisoners.
  • One World in Brussels: This human rights documentary film festival takes place every year in Prague and Brussels. Regular guests include individuals from the countries where we are active, who are given opportunities to speak about their experiences with repressive regimes.

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