Support for Civil Society

Support for Civil Society

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Repressive regimes suppress the independent activities of their citizens, while in transitional countries a full-fledged civil society might just be starting to develop. Support for independent organizations and initiatives, pro-democracy activists, human rights lawyers and defenders and journalists is extremely important for the future development of these countries.

We prepare the following for our partners:

  • STUDY VISITS AND INTERNSHIPS - The objective is to support the professional development of participating partners, to allow them to make comparisons with the experiences of other countries, and to help establish new ties to other NGOs and the media in the host country. In 2018, we organized 32 study visits and internships.
  • SEMINARS AND TRAINING The aim is to improve and make the work of our partners more effective. The topics are defined according to their specific needs, focusing primarily on digital security, legal counselling, monitoring human rights violations, managing campaigns and media communication, the use of videos and audio-visual resources, and project methodologies. In 2018, we organized seminars and training sessions for 166 participants.
  • MICRO-GRANTS Our micro-grants support specific activities of our partners. In 2018, we supported 225 small projects.

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