Direct Aid to the Politically Persecuted

Direct Aid to the Politically Persecuted

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People who decide to peacefully criticize their governments in non-democratic countries by drawing attention to human rights violations, injustice and/or corruption often become targets of persecution. They can find themselves dragged repeatedly before the courts, imprisoned, or facing death threats. Political prisoners are often convicted on the basis of false evidence, forced confessions or fabricated charges of a non-political nature.

We provide political prisoners, the politically persecuted and other victims of rights violations with the following types of support:

  • RELOCATION - We help people who are in life or health danger because of their activism to move to secure places
  • LEGAL AID - We ensure that people who are persecuted or arrested in their country for political reasons receive highly competent legal assistance.
  • CRITICAL MEDICAL TREATMENT Political prisoners are often denied medical care and access to medicine. We therefore send them medicine and, once they are released, ensure that they receive a thorough medical examination. We provide comparable help to people who have been injured during an interrogation or at a demonstration.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING Human rights defenders suffer under the constant psychological pressure exerted by authoritarian institutions. Professional support makes it easier for them to cope with the stress.
  • MATERIAL AIDHuman rights defenders and their families often lose their jobs as a result of their civic engagement. We provide material assistance to those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

People in Need also provides short-term support for those who have been forced to leave their countries and/or live in exile for political reasons.

In 2018, we helped 681 persecuted individuals.

Direct aid for politically persecuted activists is financed from People in Need’s Club of Friends.

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