Civil Society & Inclusive Governance

Civil Society & Inclusive Governance

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We support civil society to play a key role in social, economic, and democratic development in our target countries. We provide opportunities for civil society actors to develop the technical skills and mechanisms to become more effective governance and development actors.

We support civil society to engage with government actors to advance participatory democratic processes and develop inclusive public services. Specifically, our work targets a range of civil society actors, including youth and those representing marginalised communities, to ensure that government policies and services represent their needs. In parallel, we promote active citizenship, empowering individuals to exercise their rights, engage in democratic processes, and hold government officials accountable.

Our main areas of focus:

Empowerment of Civil Society Actors: Locally-driven, adaptive approaches to support the organisational and technical development of civil society, including civil society organisations, informal civic groups and grassroots activists. In our civil society development programming, we coordinate and—wherever possible—share expertise with our Center for Human Rights and Democracy.

Youth Civic Engagement: The One World in Schools youth civic education and media literacy programming runs contextualised content adapted for formal and non-formal educational spaces and learners of all ages.

Inclusive Governance of Public Services: Participatory development and monitoring public services, including Social Services, Education, Water, Sanitation and Public Health.

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