Good Governance

Good Governance

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Good governance forms the foundation of a thriving society that gives a voice to all citizens. Via a range of governance programs, People in Need aims to empower citizens and work with governments to represent and respond to their constituents’ needs. In countries stricken by violence and conflict or facing political transition, governments can lack transparency in their decision making processes and as a result, be plagued by corruption and fail to provide their citizens access to basic services and protections. In such environments, adherence to good governance principles are critical in the path towards sustainable development that reaches all levels of society.

With the aim of fostering good governance, People in Need focuses on active engagement of citizens in local decision-making processes and encourages effective cooperation among civil society, governments and communities in the development process. To achieve this, we strive to support civil society organizations and build the capacity of local authorities to close the gap between governments and citizens. We empower citizens to voice their needs, advocate local issues and influence policy making processes. In parallel, we strengthen the capacity local authorities to enhance their transparency and accountability and development participatory policy making processes. Combined, these programs support the next generation of active citizens and accountable government authorities, thus laying the foundation of a stable, thriving democracy. 

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