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Social Inclusion & Protection

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Despite unprecedented global social and economic progress over the past decades, there are numerous groups in every society that were not able to sufficiently profit from it and serious inequalities within societies persist. Virtually everywhere, there are individuals and groups that face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in society, the economy or politics. Conflicts and disasters made millions of people extremely vulnerable, without means and protection. To get closer to achieving stable, inclusive and just societies, it is necessary to address discrimination and social injustice, assist those currently left behind to become a valued part of society and protect vulnerable groups affected by natural or man-made disasters.

The main global challenges PIN is addressing through its Social Inclusion and Protection programme are social exclusion and inequality, urbanisation of poverty and vulnerability and civilians affected by crisis.

PIN’s Social Inclusion and Protection programs focus on:

  • Building capacity of governments and civil society to develop sustainable social protection systems and services, which will ensure inclusion, dignity, human rights and needs of vulnerable people being met
  • Empowering marginalized people to have an equal say and equal opportunities throughout their lives
  • Preventing, reducing and responding to protection risks of vulnerable groups affected by humanitarian crises
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