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Social work in the Czech Republic

People in Need started to offer assistance to socially excluded individuals and families in 1999. Since then we have been providing social consultation and educational services for people in disadvantaged localities. Currently we run seven regional branch offices and operate in more than 50 cities and towns in the Czech Republic. In addition to direct assistance to specific people, we have long been involved in analytical activities, especially in the area of debt.

Consultations for adults

We offer different types of social services (field social work, professional social counselling, social activation service for families with children) to individuals and whole families who find themselves in a difficult social situation and who are unable to cope with their own efforts. In addition to immediate assistance, they aim to ensure that our support leads to the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills. 

In addition to immediate help, we aim to ensure that our support leads to the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills. We want the people we work with to gain self-confidence and be able to set their affairs in the future. 

A long-term frequently used service is debt advise, the capacity of which has been extended by a debt help line. We also provide support to crime victims as well as to those who want to restart their lives after being released from prison.

Consultations for children and youth

The children we work with are mainly linked to low education of their parents. Because of this, they are not able to adequately help with the school, which is the biggest obstacle in their pursuit for quality education. Our challenge is to help overcome this barrier.

For the youngest children, we run a network of preschool clubs, where they and their parents prepare to move on to kindergarten. We offer two services to children who already attend elementary school: tutoring and mentoring. Both are done with the help of our great volunteers, whose work and enthusiasm we greatly appreciate. Career guidance is intended for older children who are already attending (or choosing) secondary school. It is a service that combines all our support. It also includes unique retro-scholarships.

By their nature, low-threshold clubs for children and youth are more social than educational services. These clubs form a safe harbour where children and young people find not only a meaningful opportunity to spend their spare time with friends, but it is also a place where they constantly learn something new and useful.

Analytic work

Apart from direct consultations, we also engage in analytical activities. In recent years, we have been working mainly on identifying the causes of extreme indebtedness of the Czech society and their elimination. From our field work we know that unmanaged debts often stand at the beginning of a journey that brings people to our office.

We do not only educate ourselves, but also develop useful tools that help not only our clients but everyone. The most famous ones are The Index of Responsible Lending (a useful guide in selecting a loan) or Doložkomat (a web application that can detect and stop illegal execution). More information at

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